Why ‘suddenly’ all the refugee problems?

so …

1) a few years ago certain eastern-european countries just had to join the EU … and everybody was told it had a financial reason

2) al-qaida and ISIS are at first sight islamic ‘terror’-organisations … that somehow never attack jews/Israel, although they are millennia old sworn enemies (as we have been taught)

3) most refugees from those regions seem to flood europe through eastern-europe (if we can believe the main stream media – MSM)

4) the MSM take and show 2 strongly conflicting stances … a) we should stand up for our fellow humans and provide shelter for them b) we should keep these ‘dirty muslim-terrorists’ outside of our country and kick the remaining part out

why are we being shown/told all this?
which game is being played (with us)?

to answer those questions you should know who directs this game
know what his/her/their end goals are

if you’d assume that there actually is a small group that holds control over this world and would like to keep it that way … let’s call them illuminati
and let’s also assume that what is being told/written about the illuminati on the internet is either true or close to the truth

then to me it suddenly becomes really clear what game is being played here … and let’s agree on at least one thing:
if it walks and talks like a duck, it must be a duck!

their goal is a new world (order) to which the Georgia Guidestones function as a guidance (the new 10 commandments) to reach that goa

there are to be 1 people, 1 financial system, 1 faith, 1 of everything …

and it all is implemented most easily when the people don’t see what game is being played or how it is being played … because then those sheople can be manipulated to bleat (ask) for a specific solution, which the illuminati already had in mind to have implemented (problem-reaction-solution)

1) so… the eastern-gate of europe is opened (and to magicians/magistrates, wicca and devil worshippers this is a very important given – ask the pope, he knows about those things)

2) war is made in the middle-east by terror-organisations that act as if they are muslim-fanatics, when in truth they are CIA- and Mossad-agents that are to terrorize the neighbourhood for their principals in Washington, London, the Vatican and Jerusalem

3) the refugees don’t want to go east, south or north … they will want to go to the ‘rich’ west
possibly we’ll let some ‘terrorists’ (i.e. CIA-agents) piggyback, to be sure there will already be some agents on site at several important place all over europe

4) fear and pity will be sown by means of the MSM so that discord will be sown among the people, so that there will be 2 easily manipulated groups of sheople
one group will bleat for the closing of the borders and the locking out of terrorists, thus muslims … the other group will bleat for help for the weak and the needy
either way, they’ll ask for the help of the illuminati (ohw sorry, the government) … like sheep bleat to their shephard for help

5) some bombs will be ignited at several places all over western-europe (let’s say amsterdam, berlin, barcelona, paris, brussels, london, etc) … and will be claimed by the terrorists (i.e. the CIA-agents)

6) the media will report on this very broadly and the call of all sheople will be for the extermination of these terrorists (i.e. all muslims) … because the first group will bleat “we told you so” and the second group will bleat “what ungrateful dogs, we give them food and shelter and this is how they pay us back”

7) the illuminti-solution will be something like this:
a) martial law – everywhere militairy on the streets under supervision of the UN orso (i.e. 1 NWO-army), no more privacy so that all emails/telephone-conversations/etc can be monitored (i.e. complete control over all media)
b) economic crisis – stock markets will collapse, all shops will be empty very fast, lots of people will die and then a new financial system will be implemented all over the world where the illuminati will have full control over all people because everyone that wants to participate in this new world (order) will be chipped
c) the pope will call for 1 world religion together with all other religious leaders, that until then seemingly only wanted to cut eachothers throats and now suddenly seem to be best friends (what they already used to be, since they are all illuminati-pawns)

welcome to the ‘animal farm’ or in ‘1984’!

or will we now finally wake up from the dreamspell that has been cast upon us?!
and finally see that we best walk over the illuminati as 1 flock of loving and cuddling sheep … because that is what the illuminati are really scared of!

the pilgrim

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