we’re still the s(h)ame sheople

almost a year ago i wrote “Why suddenly all the ‘refugee’ problems?” and since then i have been silent on this blog

what has changed since then?
nothing and a lot!

still the same people that have started to wake up that are shouting at the sleepers … and the sleepers are still sleeping and dreaming their dreams

the sleepers can best be described as people that are conspiracy deniers, believers of state-propaganda, ‘news’-following, nike-wearing, mercedes-driving, hugo-smelling money-slaves that make a hobby out of making fun of the waking people by calling them tin-foil-hatters or denying all the waking people have to say with either of the following responses:
“you got that from the internet, right … everyone knows you can’t trust the internet”
“ah, you’re one of those conspiracy-theorists”

in the mean time, the sleepers buy anything that eventually kills mother earth and blame earths demise on CO2 levels humanity itself created (yeah right, as if our cars also ride around on mars) so they should pay for it by extra taxes, eating all shit that is fabricated and thinking all nature has to offer is a beautiful view, the beautiful view being exterminated by radiation as a result of all the wifi and mobile tech

and in the end they will say: “Ich habe es nicht gewusst!”

well … for their sake i hope they will be forgiven for their blind eye, lowered senses and harsh view on those that actually told them

so … that hasn’t changed, but what has?

well … the gap between the waking and the sleeping is widening
the sleeping people become more fanatic in their ways and views and the wakening are shouting louder and louder to try to make the sleepers wake up before it is too late

so the end result?
fighting among the people

and thus the divide-and-conquer strategy will once again have worked for Rome

when will we all wake up to this one fact:
we only will get out of this sheit once we all learn to love all

the sleepers and the wakening
the believers and the non-believers
the east and the west
the north and the south
the black and the white
etc and etc

when will we all stop listening to the dividing words and start to unite as one people?

the pilgrim

oh ps … the predictions have been pretty much spot on haven’t they, just wait for the rest to happen while we fight amongst ourselves?

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