Why the Catalans didn’t gain independency!

The Catalans thought they were honorable, by claiming independency without violence … even when the Spaniards showed violence in response. They thought the world would support them in their strive for freedom.

But it was not to be so.

And the Catalans are wondering how it is possible that their politicians are imprisoned, their leader is in excile, the world didn’t support them and they are still Spanish.
The answer is quite easy, but it seems to stupid to be true … that these games are actually played and nobody seems to know about it.

The basics

If you are a player in a football team that is part of a football club and for some reason you and your team mates have decided you want to become independant of the football club and start your own.
Do you ask your club to allow you to become an independant team?
Obviouly not.
Do you start a new club with your player-cards that have been issued by the football union to the football club?
Obviously not.
Do you end your subscription to the old club, start a new club as clubless players, then enter with this new club into the football union and then subscribe a new team into the competition?

That sounds more logical doesn’t it?


The Catalans wanted to use property of the Spanish Government to gain independency … and before you get angered by this statement, please hear me out.

There are two things, namely cataluña, that which we know as the land and the people living on it and also a company with the same name registered by the Spanish Government to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States.

And people, gullible as they are, think that the both are actually one and the same … well, guess what, they aren’t the same.

That which is the actual value is the land and that what the living humans make (out) of it. The registered company only has an accounting/book value.
The book value has been invented/created by it’s creators (i.e. Spain) and therefore property of the company named Spain. The value of the land and the living humans are part of another creation and therefore they are not property of a company named Spain … actually in some old document it  is stated that the domain over a piece of land seems to be at the hands of those who live there, plus those living there are called “man” (m/f) and are free to reign over creation.

On top of that

We have always used two words as if they are synonyms … “human” and “person”.
Only now to figure out that a human can have a person (a mask, before the law) and you cannot be what you have, a mask … unless a manmade law tricks you, so that when you identify yourself with a person you legally become and are the person/mask.

In other words, the person (the legal entity, the social security number, the pasport, the id-card, etc) is like the player-card for a football-player playing for a team of a certain football club.
The person is just an account-number to keep in the books of the company registered at the SEC.

To be free

The catalans only have to tell Spain they no longer wish to play for Spain, send back the passports, id-cards, etc and stop paying the bills sent on acount of that social security number … because it doesn’t represent you any longer!

Take down streetnames written in Spanish, stop using Spanish telephone-numbers, end all contracts with Spanish based companies … and most of all, stop following orders given to you in name of the King of Spain!
He no longer is your Master … you are now free men (m/f) and you are all your own masters.

You can now start a whole new game, one without the need to register (regis-trato = treaty-with-a-king) … because there exists no special union for it and you can do without.

You still want to start your own country (i.e. football club) named “Republic Catalunya”?
Then do so as free men (m/f) with a new company registered to the SEC (i.e. the football union) … but remember this, you’ll then have to follow their rules, have to have a government, have to have banks, have to have workers and leaders, have to have the one-eyed-pyramid.

It is your choice Catalunya … to be free, all you have to do is give back to Spain all that represents Spain instead of stealing it!

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